Build Operate Transfer Mode

Build Operate Transfer Mode

The build operate transfer mode offers the best alternative for unforeseen problems faced by global companies due to the ‘in-country’ challenge. This model benefits whosoever wants to set up their facility.

You need to be dependent on a local partner who will take care of your subsidiary and operate it for a definite period of time. So when the right time arrives, we will transfer the complete assets to the company and they can enjoy the fully grounded and successful subsidiary.

We offer end-to-end partnership model to support the global operations of many mid-sized to large organizations and offer them plethora of benefits like –

  • Financial benefits : Reduce costs up to 50% or even more.
  • Reduced time of operation
  • Control on retention
  • Full IPR protection with agreements etc.
  • Focused on company’s needs and goals
  • Won’t compromise company’s vision
  • Dedicated team to service the skills
  • Full control over hiring process. The company can partake in the selection of teams

The Ulinkedus BOT Model

Contract to hire gives you an ease to hire employees on the job immediately. The risk is less as compare to that of placing a permanent hire on a significant position for a project. This leads to faster decisions by the clients for hiring of individuals


The whole responsibility of managing the off shore organization will be taken. With extensive international experience, we will operate all the processes and works on flexible pricing model. We will manage the development, maintenance and product support in all domains.


We will facilitate the transfer assets, register the newly built offshore subsidiary and handover the operations seamlessly. The periodic checks and assistance in transferring this into a subsidiary owned wholly by you will be provided.
The key practices and policies will help you in –

  • Getting streamlined work to reduce time
  • Quality services
  • Dedicated team establishments
  • Proper legal structure with the IPR protection
  • Transparent relationship
  • Fully security and reliable infrastructure
  • Management of vendors will increase quality and performance
  • Reduce risks
  • Seamless operation management

The BOT model will help your company exploit the potential globally and scale up their global operations. The subsidiaries can be built and managed so there will be no need to shut down operations anywhere in the parent company. Our wider offerings of services will fill up the gaps within your business model. You have improved business focus and you can manage all the activity through a single process under MSP program.