Contract To Hire

Contract To Hire

With the meteoric rise in turnkey projects in most of the firms, the demand of immediate employment for the qualified person on contractual basis is seen as the most legitimate decision.

A recent study says that it will cost the company three times the salary of new employee to just get them hired and trained for jobs at the highest level of their productivity. “As per a survey by Harvard Business School, a typical mid-level manager will take at least 6 months before qualifying for a high-productivity job. So the question to ponder over here is – Does your company have that sort of time and money?

We reckon not! This is why the boom of contractual staff is on the rise. Contract to hire is attractive option for the companies especially for the perks it offers –

  • Contract to hire gives you an ease to hire employees on the job immediately. The risk is less as compare to that of placing a permanent hire on a significant position for a project. This leads to faster decisions by the clients for hiring of individuals
  • Contract staffing is a fit for the firms when there is a continuous need of revolving of talent pool. So as one project ends, they can enter the pool of talent again, giving productivity to the company for another task
  • It is more profitable deal for the companies to hire contractual staff. Why? You are paying them by hours that they work
  • Complete peace of mind because of stress-free hiring process
  • Guarantee that if the candidate is unfit for the process, it can be easily replaced with the best suited one

Scenarios that must lead to utilizing Contract to hire:

  • Need to deploy workforce outside office premises
  • In cases where company is going through reorganization of its services
  • Where the company or client is unable to find a match that fits the profile 100%
  • In case of clients having business with other clients on contractual basis
  • Better delivery of project needed within less time
  • The demand of subject matter expertise is high within a pre-organized structure