The changing dynamics in the job world leads to uncertainties within the organization in terms of client’s expectations and consumer engagement strategies. This leads to the need of contract or contractual workforce that can engage in a particular project or job profile for a definite period of time.

We utilize the proactive marketing approach to source the best individuals for your project or services on a short notice. We only provide candidates with right skill set and talent best suited as per the project or services they are meant to be hired for. Our contract recruitment consultants do the necessary groundwork to ensure that.

Our contract recruitment solutions offer you the following benefits –

  • Meeting short-term demands for services
  • More flexibility as demands are met without hiring someone permanently
  • Saves a lot of time in employment paperwork or other obligations
  • Productivity levels are maintained without the need to train Diversifying skill sets
  • Payment is based upon the duration
  • Ample time to evaluate the need for permanent employees

Ulinkedus offers centralized contract recruitment with specialties in different industry domains like Administration, accountancy, banking and finance, human resources, engineering, insurance, IT, marketing, scientific, sales, insurance, legal & compliance, IT, property services hospitality, mining & gas, call centres and more.

Hiring contract staff can be beneficial in a number of scenarios to bridge the short-term resourcing gap. Businesses often need contract staff for quick and efficient solutions in worst case scenarios while experiencing staff shortage. This usually happen in event of sickness or if an employee is on long leave or unexpected departures occur. Also, when the businesses launch those special once-off projects, they are of the most helpful within stipulated period of time. This creates an immediate demand and gap to be fulfilled in minimum time. This is where contract staffing benefits you.

Ulinkedus places contract and contract staff into following scenarios:

  • Where there is a need to overcome headcount issues
  • A sudden expansion of business or services demand contract workforce on immediate basis
  • In case of maternity cover Implementation of new project or services
  • Change in client’s needs requires hiring individuals with different skill sets
  • In case of continuous redundancy where staff has left the business and workload needs to be covered
  • When an important employee is sick and there is a need to replace him for definite period of time
  • Need for additional skill sets not already present in the permanent staff
  • Increase in workload during busier period like in case of Christmas, New Year and other remarkable holiday events
  • To meet short-term demand of the client within a set budget
  • In case of delivering better services for a sudden, challenging work