Project Based Hiring

Project Based Hiring

Many corporate require urgent candidate for a particular client project. Sometimes the existing employees of the organization do not have the required skill set or time to execute a specific project. This creates the need to hire project based hiring solutions. Ulinkedus understands this necessity and our expert recruiters strategically work to find the exact match you are looking for.

Hiring on the basis of project is a booming trend and many companies require workforce on project-by-project basis for a specific length of time. The industry today is facing a critical shortage of right talent pool. The companies are eager to work with the skilled candidates and experienced project-based individuals who can deliver the work accordingly.

This is why project based hiring is preferred by most of the companies these days. Strategic hiring can benefit your business and your project. That is the sole aim of our expert recruiters. Our recruiters will evaluate your project and the requirement of right skill set. It will be then followed by a detailed project based staffing strategy that is aimed to meet the client’s requirements and project objectives.

Why Project Based Hiring?

  • Most of the companies appreciate the flexibility of hiring project based candidates without going through the elaborated hiring procedures. This saves a lot of time.
  • There is no need to remunerate on a fixed pay roll. The project based hiring gives you maximum flexibility in ever changing dynamic of the organization due to the variable expenses. So it offers cost-effect solution to the company
  • The company can hire the candidate for any project till the time it is needed. This directly gives you great returns on project based hiring.
  • The individual hired can work in the matter of days or weeks as compare to the long period of time it takes to recruit a permanent employee and get done with the various formalities.
  • This has a positive impact on the permanent employees and would reduce the iteration rate as the payload is uplifted from the permanent workforce and that would lead to more retention.

“Our database has goldmine of talented individuals apt for project based work who will work on live projects and prove their mettle without just warming up the benches”

We only source the candidate who have wealth of expertise but do not wish to work on full time basis. This segment of workforce welcomes the project based challenges and work more efficiently in meeting the deadlines as they don’t take it as a typical job and work towards garnering attention so they will be hired again for the next project in future. We strive to offer the best quality and value for money to our clients.