RPO Services

Expert Recruitments

Highly qualied pool of integration experts, combined with faster adoption of well-dened business processes.

RPO Solution

Supplementing your internal recruitment and talent acquisition function

Transformational Engagement

Assess your current business drivers, success measures, and user preferences

ROI Analysis

Hire a SME Recruiter

Our highly trained SME Sourcers use sourcing expertise to source and qualify applicants by making the initial contact with candidates.Ulinkedus specializes in providing highly qualified dedicated end to end recruiters, Our veteran recruiting manager, hand picks industry expert recruiters based on the clients requirement, Each team of recruiters are managed by a Offshore Recruitment Manager, who provides the insight, leadership and mentorship required to make a team successful.


In Todays paced world of VMS, Ulinkedus understands the need to provide quality submissions in a short time frame, in order for resumes to be considered. Our VMS Support Staff has several years of pertinent experience. Our knowledge of Scorecards & KPIs helps our clients exceed their score on each scorecard category.


Ulinkedus provides a range of Administrative support functions; this relieves our clients from the mundane tasks that slow down the recruiting process. Our support areas are not limited to:

  • Resume Formatting
  • VMS Database Submissions
  • Background/ Reference Checks
  • Job Postings
  • Data Entry and Transcription
  • ROI Analysis- Cost Per Hire

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